Central to most Automated Test Equipment (ATE) is the signal switching system, the purpose of which is to distribute instrumentation I/O to the unit to be tested while ensuring maximum signal integrity. Therefore, selecting and implementing a signal switching regime that is capable of withstanding the demands of the application is essential to the effectiveness, accuracy and repeatability of the test installation. 

In this webinar, we highlight the importance of switching in test systems and what items need careful consideration. These include which type of relay is most suitable, how to choose the right relay, avoiding relay failures and design issues.

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A few of the takeaways are:

  • Learn important guidelines that will make your switching more reliable
  • Understand the difference between Electro-Mechanical Relays (EMRs), Solid-State Relays and Reed Relays
  • How to choose the right relay based on your application and specifications
  • How to avoid common relay failures and issue


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