With our LXI simulation tool you can code and test your LXI control application before purchasing or connecting to your LXI test system. Each product is supported as a virtual LXI device allowing code development with minimal hardware. The tool supports the simulation of all of our PXI switching, LXI switching, as well as most of our PXI simulation products, providing you with a simple and highly portable platform for application development.

The tool also has the ability to show real-time switching and debug information and comes complete with a driverless soft front panel that provides complete control of the module’s functions. The Ethernet interface enables control through standard LAN interfaces found on all system PC/host controllers. The tool can be easily configured using any standard web browser. The interface can be used to load a Java-based soft front panel for any of the products simulated by the tool, permitting users to access products without the need for drivers on the PC/host.

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Advantages of using this tool:

  • Accelerated development time
  • Reduce the cost of development
  • Minimize the risk of damaging hardware during development and it helps to debug the application without the need for the physical hardware.



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