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Electronic Control Units (ECUs) are present in many applications today, often used in mission- and safety-critical situations that demand not only high reliability but also high operational predictability. The correct operation of these ECUs is typically verified by using Hardware in the Loop (HIL) Simulation, which replaces the sensors that monitor the ECU’s real-world environment with electronic simulators.

Fault insertion is also commonly used in HILS systems to ensure the ECU operates safely and reliably under all possible good and bad operating conditions. With ever-increasing ECU complexity, it is essential to automate this fault testing to keep the validation process quick and repeatable.

In this webinar, we discuss the benefits of using the industry-standard PXI platform for HILS automated fault insertion and sensor simulation.

Key takeaways include:

  • Introduction to Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation and fault insertion
  • PXI fault insertion solutions for your test system
  • PXI simulation solutions for your test system

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