Sensor Simulation Solutions from Pickering Interfaces

Validate ECU Operation & Software using Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation

Validate ECU operation & software using HIL simulation

As a test engineer, does your test strategy require simulating environmental sensors—this includes temperature, pressure, altitude, and strain gauges? We can help, with 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing signal switching and simulation solutions, we offer a wide range of Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation solutions to help in the test and validation of ECU operation and software—these include:

Programmable Resistors – ideal for the simulation of resistive sensors, features include:
Thermocouple Simulators – provide multiple low-voltage sources ideal for simulating the operation of a thermocouple, features include:
  • 32, 24, 16 or 8 channels
  • +/-100mV, +/-50mV and +/-20mV output ranges, two-wire output for each channel
  • Resolution down to 0.7uV with accuracy of 0.1% +/-5uV
  • Remote sense for breaking ground loop effects
Fault-Insertion Switching – used to validate a full spectrum of ECU behavior by introducing electrical faults into a system, features include:
  • Simulate a range of faults including short and open circuits
  • Wide range of channel counts and fault bus configurations
  • Current handling capabilities from 0.3A to 40A
Cable & Connector Solutions – a wide range of solutions to support our switching and simulation products, features include:
  • Simple mating connectors to complex cable assemblies and terminal blocks
  • Custom cabling with our Cable Design Tool

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