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When designing an Automated Test System (ATS), it is essential to make a plan and create an efficient maintenance strategy. The reason is simple: an out-of-commission test system means lost revenue for your product line, so a well-designed test system and a strategy to get the system up quickly if a problem occurs are vital. 

Switching modules are at the heart of modern ATS, providing benefits such as fast test times, accurate and repeatable test results, and minimizing potential operator error.

Pickering’s unique approach to solving challenges associated with signal switching will be presented in this white paper. Still, many of the thought processes and guidelines can be applied to other aspects of your test system, regardless of supplier.

Details include:

  • How to create a maintenance strategy for your ATS
  • The difference between relays, and how to choose the right one
  • Pickering Interfaces’ software solutions for finding failures in relays

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White Paper: Secrets to Efficiently Sustaining your Automated Test System

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