Reduce your PXI switching system cost by 30-40% and design exactly what you need. With 1,000+ PXI, PCI, LXI & USB products, we have the solutions that meet your requirements. And with high-performing specifications at a lower cost, you won't trade performance for price. By working with our collaborative and agile culture you will more effectively optimize your test system, resulting in a scalable and cost-effective platform.

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The comparison below represents a complete PXI switching subsystem

Pickering PXI switching subsystem
PXI switching subsystem savings from Pickering


The agility and expertise needed so you can develop a system that meets your requirements

Quickly define test system switching utilizing the latest advancements in hardware and software

DDS-Deploy from Pickering


Resources to reduce test integration time and increase test throughput

We'll accelerate the process with tools to help with your programming efforts.



Maintain your test system when in production to measure the success of the development effort

Maximize uptime and lower your cost of ownership with quality hardware, diagnostic tools, and access to experienced support

  •  3-year warranty on all of our solutions
  • Quality products endure for 15+ years 
  • Top tier technical product support

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