Pickering's PXI Module Map is a single sheet reference
to over 1,000 PXI modules

Includes basic specifications and cabling options.
To download or request a hard copy, please fill out the form to the right.

Pickering's PXI Module Features:Pickering's PXI Module Map

  • Huge range of Switching: Matrix, MUX and GP
  • RF Switching to 6GHz with Microwave to 65GHz
  • High voltage to 1kV with high current to 120Amp
  • PXI programmable resistor, fault insertion, digital I/O,
    PSU, amplifiers and attenuators
  • Wider range of mating connectors and cables
  • Only PXI company with in-house Reed Relays
  • The highest density available in PXI
  • Standard 3 Year Warranty on all modules

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