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Pickering's Programmable Resistors

It may be easiest for us to start with the basic question of...What is a Programmable Resistor? A programmable resistor is designed to emulate the use of resistive sensors and variable resistors in systems when testing devices such as engine controllers. 

Pickering offers a variety of PXI programmable resistor modules and PCI programmable resistor cards for use in medical, automotive and aerospace applications. We have developed over 160 PXI modules and 150 PCI cards. Our entire range uses real resistors; they do not use current loads or other electronic means to control the resistance value. Therefore they behave in exactly the same way as an actual resistor.

In their simplest form, our programmable resistors consist of a basic chain of resistance values switched in or out of circuit with reed relays, electro-mechanical relays or solid state switches. We also offer multi-channel programmable resistors with very fine value adjustment and high accuracy including programmable resistive bridges for strain gauge simulation.

Our PXI programmable resistor modules are ideal for medical, aerospace and automotive applications and feature:

  • Up to 18 channels in a single PXI/PCI slot
  • Resistance ranges from 1Ω to 22MΩ
  • Resolutions down to 2mΩ with accuracies down to 0.03%
  • All PXI modules can be supported in our Ethernet LXI Chassis

Advantages of these Programmable Resistors include: 

  • They replace the need for real sensors
  • No need to physically simulate sensor's environment
  • Allow you to reuse between test applications and give you accuracy, speed, and repeatability. 

The resistors have the additional capability of being set as open and short circuit to simulate faults in the sensor connections to the ECU. Specific versions of these modules have been developed to simulate Resistance Temperature Devices (RTD) (PXI 40-262 series and PCI 50-262 series) and strain gauges (PXI 40-265 series and PCI 50-265 series). 

For more information watch our Video "Introduction to Programmable Resistors for Sensor Simulation in Automated Test Systems." You can also view our Product Reference Map with over 160 PXI Modules and 150 PCI Cards. 

Watch Video       Product Reference Map
If you would like to hear about some of our past Success Stories as a result of our programmable resistors, read below:

Automating Fault Insertions Tests Improve Software Quality

A manufacturer developed a test fixture that allowed them to manually inject faults on an automotive transfer case. While this fixture was effective, having to manually switch in faults was quite time-consuming—this limited the number of tests cases that they could run on a particular unit. Also, a manual fixture often requires more frequent maintenance, further slowing test times and was prone to operator error.

Using Pickering's Programmable Resistors and Fault Insertion Unit (FIU) switching solutions to automate the fault injection process, they can run more test cases in a shorter period of time, with the result being that their testing is more repeatable, comprehensive and they can find and fix problems earlier in the development cycle. 

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Satellite Payload Testing On a Budget

A leading small satellite company, delivering operational space missions for a range of applications decided to take a fresh look at what was available and what was possible for specifying hardware for their latest simulation requirement with the goal of choosing an optimally engineered solution within a defined budget.

The decision was made to base the hardware primarily upon the PXI standard, with Pickering Interfaces as one of the main suppliers. A key test product in this solution is a is a  high-density PXI precision resistor module (model# 40-297) along with PXI switch modules for both signal and high power switching, isolated power supply cards, and MIL-STD-1553 bus analyzer modules. 

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     JUST RELEASED: Pickering's Product Selector

Because we offer the largest range of PXI, LXI and PCI switching and simulation products, sometimes it can be hard to find the product you need for your application. That is why we created our Product Selector, this tool will help you narrow down our offering to get you the correct switch and simulation solution you need. Right now this is just a BETA version, but you can still give it a try and please feel free to offer any feedback.
Click Here to give our Product Selector a try!

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