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Ideal for electric vehicle battery stack emulation

Models 41-752A (PXI) and 43-752A (PXIe) are ideal for Electric Vehicle (EV) battery stack emulation in Battery Management Systems (BMS) test applications. The modules occupy a single PXI slot, and enable direct voltage and current readback either programmatically or using Pickering's soft panel control. Each cell simulator is highly accurate, specified at ±5 mV from 1 V to 7 V.

The module range features up to six battery cell simulators in a single slot module. Each simulator can sink or source current. The accuracy of the output voltage is greatly improved over the previous generation, something that is very important in simulating newer battery technology. With an isolation specification of 1 kV, you can build a BMS test system that supports up to 90 cells of battery simulation, all contained within a single PXI or PXIe chassis.

The modules can be combined with any of our other PXI switch and simulation modules such as our high voltage switching, fault insertion, thermocouple simulation and RTD simulation, and other vendors' PXI modules such as a CANbus interface to create a fully flexible BMS test system.

Learn more about our PXI-based Battery Management System Test here.


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