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PXI & PXIe MIL. Standard 1553 Multiplexers

This product is ideal for testing multiple devices that use a serial communication interface, allowing the test system to select one target device from many. The design is bi-directional to permit use as a multiplexer or de-multiplexer with no impact on performance. The module uses long lifetime electromechanical relays characterized for use in communications systems.

Using telecommunications-grade electromechanical relays, the 40/42-739 multiplexer has a minimal initial signal path resistance of less than 450 mΩ. The module features impedance-controlled differential pairs with a single-ended characteristic impedance of 39 Ω and a differential impedance of 78 Ω, within the MIL-STD-1553 specified range of 70-85 Ω. Its compact, single-slot footprint with PXI or PXIe control interface provides flexibility in chassis selection and minimizes chassis slot count.

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