What is LXI? 

Download or request a hard copy of our free LXImate eBook for an overview of the LXI standard. This eBook explains how users can communicate with LXI devices, as well as describes the technical aspects of the standard.

LXImate is intended for those just starting to design LXI products and those who want to use LXI products.

Contents include:

  • Introduction to LXI Basics
  • Getting connected with LXI
  • LXI Web and LAN
  • LXI Triggers
  • LXI Wired Trigger Bus
  • LXI Software
  • Glossary of Terms Used in the LXI Standard

Published by Pickering Interfaces, this is a living document that we will continue to develop in support of the LXI standard and its future evolution. We welcome any feedback from users on subjects they would like to see included in future issues.  

Pickering Interfaces is a Strategic Member of the LXI Consortium; you can find out more about LXI and the range of companies which support LXI here: www.lxistandard.org

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