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Gen 3 PXI Express (PXIe) Chassis
42-924 and 42-925

The 42-924 8-slot chassis provides seven hybrid-compatible slots for application flexibility. The 42-925 18-slot chassis provides one PXIe system slot, one PXIe timing slot, and 16 hybrid-compatible slots for similar versatility. Any 3U PXI, PXIe, or Compact PCI-compliant module will work in any module slot.

The 4U high chassis also benefit from high-capacity system power supplies rated at 400W (8-slot) and 1200W (18-slot). Efficient fans and a direct convection design ensure maximum PXI module cooling, enabling the chassis to operate over an extended ambient temperature range of 0°C to +50°C. Front-to-back cooling requires no space to be left between rack-mounted devices, enabling greater instrument density. The current condition of the chassis can be monitored remotely via a port on the rear panel.

The new chassis also include other useful features such as low operating noise, external clocking capability and rack mount handles as standard.

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