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Specializing in custom cabling and connectivity requests

Pickering Connect designs and manufactures custom cabling and connectivity solutions, offering cable engineering expertise and quick turnaround on custom cable designs using our in-house PCB and 3D mechanical design, and CNC and PCB component placement capabilities.

  • 15 years experience
  • Specializing in complex cable assemblies
  • Free online Cable Design Tool
  • No minimum order—from 1 to 1,000's

We have vast experience, 15+ years, with test and measurement cables and work with modern components such as mass interconnect solutions, military circular and Harting modular connectors. All of our cables are handmade as we prefer to use hand soldering stations and hand soldering tools. We test all of our cables on modern Cirris cable analyzers; the testing consists of both low voltage testing for continuity, wire resistance and shorts, and high voltage testing for insulation resistance, dielectric failures and overcurrent.

Pickering Connect connector block

Connect capabilities include:

  • Automated strip/cut/crimping
  • Custom backshell labeling and printed heat shrinks
  • Laser wire stripping Coax, RF cables, assemblies
  • Test fixture and wire wrapping
  • Cable lacing
  • Custom pair twisting
  • Custom aluminum backshells or other metalwork

Custom cabling with our free online Cable Design Tool

Do you need a custom cable assembly? We can help. You can either send us your drawings or use our online Cable Design Tool. With our Cable Design Tool, you can graphically design your custom cable assembly by using either our built-in library of standard cable sets or create them from scratch. Once completed, our engineers will generate a competitive quote for your cable requirements. Features include:Pickering Connect Cable Design Tool

  • Graphical design of customized cable assemblies
  • Built-in library of standard cable sets
  • Ability to store cable assemblies in the Cloud and develop over time
  • Create a library and share with colleagues
  • Each cable design has a pdf documentation file detailing all of the specifications
  • Allows very detailed design characteristics including a selection of connector types, wire type, pin definitions, pin and cable labeling, cable bundling, length selection, sleeving, comments
  • Add your connectors and wires
  • Fully supported on major tablet operating systems

The first step to creating a custom cable with us is by using our graphics-based tool, the Cable Design Tool. We have created a tutorial and some example animation to help with using the tool or feel free to start using it by clicking the links here: 

Tutorial   Example Cable Design Animation    Start Using the Tool


About Pickering Connect

Pickering Connect is part of the Pickering Group of companies which started in 1968 with Pickering Electronics, a manufacturer of high-quality reed relays. The group expanded in 1988 when Pickering Interfaces was established. Pickering Interfaces’ design, develop and manufacture commercial and custom switching and simulation solutions for the Test & Measurement industry.

Pickering Connect Cables & ConnectorsIn 2005 Pickering Interfaces opened a manufacturing facility in Třinec, the Czech Republic with a view to design and manufacture cable and connector solutions to ease integration of its products into functional test systems. The facility is now well established, producing a comprehensive range of standard and custom interconnection for all Pickering Interfaces’ modules and other test & measurement equipment manufacturers.Pickering Connect Cables & Connectors

With the increase in the number of requests of these connectivity products for applications outside of the test and measurement industry, the Pickering Group decided to establish Pickering Connect, a new subsidiary for customers seeking connectivity solutions for any application, in any industry and any quantity.

Want to learn more about our connectivity solutions or have questions about our cable design tool? Feel free to contact us by filling out the form below or email sales@pickeringconnect.com.

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