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Specializing in custom cabling and connectivity requests

Pickering Connect offers a comprehensive range of standard & custom connectivity solutions, including RF. We specialize in custom cabling and connectivity requests and are happy to manufacture from a quantity of one to many thousands. We offer you cable engineering expertise and quick turnaround on custom cable designs, with our in-house PCB and 3D mechanical design and CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) and PCB component placement capabilities, we have the ability to provide customized cabling and connectivity solutions to match most of your requirements. 

Standard Connectivity Solutions

  • Connectors - Simple mating connectors that can provide a method for integrators to wire to a part that mates with the front panel connector of the selected device. These are ideal for systems where low purchase cost is required and labor is available to undertake the wiring operation. 
  • Cables - A range of cables with a mating connector on either one end or both ends. Cables can also be made available to convert between one connector style and another—for example converting between a high-density connector and 50 way Ribbon Cable connectors.
  • Connector Blocks - A connector block provides an interface between a mating connector and a set of screw terminals. The use of these accessories simplifies the wiring operation to the cable. Most breakout boxes are provided with a complete metal enclosure to protect the wiring and the cable termination.
Our standard cable and connector line is detailed on our product reference map - download or request a free copy here.

Custom Cabling with the 
Cable Design Tool - our free graphics-based, online tool

Cable Design Tool - custom cableing with our web tool

The first step to creating a custom cable with us is by using our graphics-based tool, the Cable Design Tool. We have created a tutorial and some example animation to help with using the tool or feel free to start using it by clicking the links here: 

Tutorial   Example Cable Design Animation    Start Using the Tool

Features of our Cable Design Tool include:
  • Graphical design of customized cable assemblies
  • Built-in library of standard cable sets. To be used as the basis for customization, or cables can just be defined from scratch
  • The ability to store cable assemblies in the Cloud and develop over time
  • Each cable design has a pdf documentation file detailing all of the specifications of the customized cable
  • Allows very detailed design characteristics including - selection of connector types, wire type, pin definitions, pin and cable labeling, cable bundling, length selection, sleeving, comments, etc.
  • Runs on popular browsers, Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Fully supported on popular tablets: iPad and Android
  • Built-in tutorials allow users to get quickly up to speed

This is a web-based tool, we will continually update it to better accommodate your requirements and features. Your data is not trapped, complete details of the design are always available to you at any time via the documentation or spreadsheet file. 

If you get stuck creating a cable or the application doesn’t allow you to draw the desired feature, just submit the semi-completed assembly and one of our experienced engineers will provide guidance through the complete process. Once the cable design is finished, we will provide pricing typically within one working day. Ordering small quantities is slightly more expensive per piece, but the pricing becomes the same as standard cables when typically fifteen or more pieces are ordered.

Want to learn more about our connectivity solutions or have questions about our cable design tool? Feel free to contact us by filling out the form below or email sales@pickeringconnect.com.

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