Pickering's PCI Switch Card Map is a single sheet reference
to over 100 PCI cards

Includes basic specifications and cabling options.


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Our PCI switching cards include:
  • General Purpose Relay
  • Matrices including High Density and RF
  • Multiplexers including High Voltage
  • Programmable and Precision Resistors
  • Relay Drivers and Digital I/O
  • Function Generators

A test system may not require a large number of switching or instrumentation modules or the need for a PXI or LXI chassis. In these cases a PCI plug-in card may provide a low cost solution that is perfectly adequate. In some cases full-length PCI switching cards can be used that offer more capacity than their PXI equivalents, the complexity limitation usually being the connector space on the card’s panel.

We also have similar reference maps available for our PXI, LXI, Programmable Resistors,Cable & Connectors and Reed Relay products - take a look >>

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