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Switch Path Manager signal routing software

Is there an advantage to using signal routing software? 

Even with small switching systems, program development errors are possible and these have the potential to damage your test system hardware or DUT. It is, therefore, always advisable to consider implementing Signal Routing Software. With this software, you get the benefits of reduced program development times and zero programming errors.  Read the whole article here >>

Our signal routing software, Switch Path Manager (SPM), simplifies signal routing through switching systems and speeds up the development of switching system software. SPM supports our switching modules and the interconnection between them. Once a switching system model has been created, simply defining the endpoints that are required to be connected together can perform signal routing. 

We are excited to announce our newly released SPM Version 6.1.2 with several updates to improve routing performance, automation and efficiency. Features include:

  • Auto-Detect Configurator - pre-communicates with the hardware before it gets added into the configuration, connector information, handling addressing, verification of the hardware’s existence in SPM, naming and identification—greatly minimizes the initial SPM switching configuration task.

  • Route Caching - a means of improving routing performance. The route calculation when making a connection takes time. If there is a sequence of repeated connections, Route Caching avoids double calculations and uses the stored route data, thus speeding up the switching.

For articles and videos on Switch Path Manager and the benefits of signal routing software, take a look below or visit the website here >>

Switch Path Manager Lite

Swith Path Manager Lite Version

Switch Path Manager Lite

SPM Lite is a low-cost solution that is fully functional but with an operational limitation of two active switching modules in the configuration. Larger configurations with more than two modules can be created, loaded and edited—but not executed. In contrast to the SPM full license, SPM Lite is not connected to a dedicated computer, once purchased it can be used as a site license.  

For more info on SPM Lite, Click here

Switching in Frou Steps with SPM

Article: Switching in Four Steps with Switch Path Manager Signal Routing Software


SPM replaces any complexity of Pickering switching system with a “Virtual Switch Box. ”Simply specifying the DMM and DUT points to be connected is all that is then needed to achieve the required signal routes, with no chance of accidental short-circuits.

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Video: SPM Demo

This video demonstrates how SPM works and gives you the ability to automate signal routing results in effective and easy switching system management—safely and quickly. 

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Switching & Routing Software, What are the Benefits?

Article: Smooth & Easy Implementation of Switching Applications
with Signal Routing Software

For smooth and easy implementation of switching applications with minimal coding, switching and routing software like Switch Path Manager is unbeatable compared to low-level programming. A good and accurate setup helps minimize the risk of short circuit switching. 

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Video: Using SPM with LabView

Watch this video to see how SPM works with LabView. A basic knowledge of LabView is required to give you a best understanding of how to use the two.

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Pickering's product selector - narrow down our product offering

Pickering's Product Selector 

Because we offer the  largest range of PXI, LXI and PCI switching and simulation products, sometimes it can be hard to find the exact product you need for your application. That is why we created our Product Selector, this tool will help you narrow down our offering to get you the correct switch and simulation solution you need. Right now this is just a BETA version, but you can still give it a try and please feel free to offer any feedback. 

Click Here to give our Product Selector a try!

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