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Optimized to Minimize Path Resistance 

The modular construction of the scalable LXI platform enables great flexibility—as your requirements evolve, additional plug-in modules can be easily added, and the control software automatically detects the new configuration.

The plug-in matrices are loaded into the chassis via the front panel, significantly improving the unit's ease of configuration and maintenance. If one module needs to be removed, the others can remain in the test system with the external cabling attached to the functional plug-ins.

The 400 V version (model 65-218-101) can use the internal analog bus of the 65-200 chassis to connect the 50x4 matrix plug-ins forming a larger matrix. The 750 V version (model 65-218-111) utilizes external cabling to expand the matrix. Front panel connector interfaces on all 65-218 plug-in modules are via high voltage 9- and 50-pin D-type connectors.

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