PXImate book - a free practical guide to PXI systems from Pickering Intrefaces

Download or request a hard copy of our free PXImate book for an overview of the PXI standard together with useful information about the technology behind the switching and instrumentation modules a typical chassis can contain. It is a guide for those new to PXI systems and a useful source of reference material for the more experienced.

Contents include:

  • Introduction to PXI Basics
  • PXI Express
  • Hybrid Chassis
  • From Backplane to Module
  • Software
  • LXI, USB in PXI
  • Pickering PXI product overview
  • Useful Information Sources for PXI Products & Standards

Published by Pickering Interfaces, this is a living document that we will continue to develop in support of the PXI standard and its future evolution. We welcome any feedback from users on subjects they would like to be included in future issues.  

**5th Edition - September 2014

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