LXI has come a long way, learn about the of origins of LXI and LXI switching and understand the differences between LXI & PXI for switching.
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LXI Switching - Everything you want to know and more

 LXI Switching

Everything You Want to Know And More!

Sometimes it seems like PXI is all the talk of the test and measurement industry. But, let's not forget about LXI and it's solutions to your switching needs that you may not even be aware of!

LXI Switching has come a long way since it's introduction over 11 years ago and its popularity is becoming more prominent with the introduction of new products and capabilities.  There has been speculation that PXI and LXI are competing standards, but that is a view that we do not share. They are sufficiently different, and there often will be clear cases where one is better for a particular solution than another. Both the LXI and the PXI standards bring different advantages and disadvantages depending on what the user is trying to accomplish. So, let's talk about LXI Switching and how far it has come since its introduction in 2005.

That brings me to my first (obvious) question, What is LXI? LXI is the power of Ethernet and the Web applied to Test & Measurement (T&M) instruments, offering you new possibilities in test systems – local, remote, distributed and time-aware. LXI products are certified by third-party test routes to ensure they comply with the worldwide LXI standard. Today there are thousands of compliant instruments which have passed LXI conformance testing, and every one of them lets you use the connection you already have.

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As one of the early adopters of the LXI Standard, we manufacture a wide range of LXI switching solutions and we strive to ensure that we meet your test and measurement needs and have specific solutions available for you. 

Take a look at some of our Success Stories including how LXI supported the CERN collider for signal management and how LXI was used in HASS testing, among many other stories.

Success Stories

Understanding LXI & PXI for Switching

Understanding LXI & PXI for Switching

The use of switching systems to route instrumentation and stimulus signals to appropriate test points on a unit under test has a very crucial role to play in most electronics test systems. The sharing of test resources, connection of calibration references, load management, and many other functions are all managed by the switching system, the switching system acts as the interface between the unit under test (UUT) and the test equipment.

You have choices in choosing the platform used to control switching...

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Pickering's LXI Modular Chassis

LXI Modular Chassis

For applications requiring diverse switching functions but preferring a LXI interface, look no further than our Ethernet Controlled LXI modular chassis. These chassis are capable of hosting our extensive range of 3U PXI switching and test & measurement (T&M) simulation modules in an LXI environment, allowing remote control over a gigabit Ethernet connection. Our LXI modular chassis are available in 2-slot, 7-slot and 18-slot and support over 1,000 of our PXI modules.

LXI Modular Chassis
LXImate Book from Pickering Interfaces

Want to learn more about LXI Switching?

We hope this newsletter has provided you with a great overview of all things LXI Switching.

For even more information, take a look at our LXIMate book - a guide for those new to LXI systems and a useful source of reference material for the more experienced. This is a living document that we will continue to develop in support of the LXI standard and its future evolution.

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