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Are you building a PXI system? We offer a variety of PXI, PXI Express (PXIe), and LXI chassis.

Our PXI and PXIe chassis are available in 8 to 19 slots and with different performance characteristics. They are fully compliant with PXI standards and can house any vendor’s modules. Our Gen 2 and Gen 3 PXIe chassis offer full hybrid capability on all peripheral slots, giving you the flexibility needed to choose whichever PXI or PXIe products best fit your applications. 

Take a look at this video which describes the compatibility between our chassis and third-party modules.

Interested in controlling PXI modules in an Ethernet environment?

Our LXI chassis allow any of our 3U PXI switch modules and many instrumentation modules to be controlled in an Ethernet environment. You may also be interested in our LXI/USB chassis, available in 2, 4, and 6-slot versions; these chassis allow most of our 1 or 2-slot PXI modules to be controlled via USB or Ethernet. 

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