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With the adoption of electric vehicles in the automotive and aerospace industries, a significant challenge is the effective testing and validation of the battery management system (BMS). Using modular, PXI-based switch and simulation modules offers many advantages in testing a BMS, including:

  • A fully flexible test system that can be optimized to meet exactly what is needed and can be easily modified to address evolving requirements
  • An industry-standard open architecture that promotes system longevity and mitigates obsolescence while providing seamless integration of multi-vendor instrumentation and communication modules

In this webinar, we'll examine the advantages of combining a multi-cell battery emulator with PXI switch and simulation modules such as high-voltage switching, fault insertion, and thermocouple and RTD simulation, as well as a CAN bus interface, to create a fully flexible BMS test system.

Key takeaways include:

  • The challenges BMS testing presents
  • The advantages to using a PXI modular platform 
  • An overview of Pickering’s PXI-based BMS test system


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