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Increased Density in a Compact Footprint

 The new 4x-724 RF matrix modules are aimed at general-purpose RF testing in many applications, including emergency radios and semiconductor test. Their compact footprint provides high performance with a usable bandwidth of 300 MHz for non-loop-thru models. These integrated PXI RF matrix modules with a 32x8 topology — represent a 33% increase in matrix density per chassis slot. 

Facilitating simple scalability, the modules have options with loop-thru ports on the Y-axis for larger applications requiring matrix expansion. To provide the maximum granularity of test system construction, the 4x-724 family is available in four matrix sizes: 16x4, 16x8, 32x4 and the fully populated 32x8. Loop-thru enabled options are provided for each matrix size. The loop-thru ports are connected directly to the matrix, which — unlike other RF matrix products — allows the creation of X-to-X signal paths between cards when cascading multiple modules. This helpful feature increases test system flexibility but with reduced RF performance.

4x-724 RF matrix modules feature high-quality, ruthenium-sputtered reed relays, ensuring a long service life. Also, reed relays have an operating time of just 0.5 ms (typical), significantly shorter than electromechanical-based solutions, minimizing the test cycle duration and increasing product test throughput.

The modules are available with a PXI or PXIe control interface providing flexibility in chassis selection. All versions use industry-standard SMB connectors to maximize system performance while simplifying the interface to external instrumentation and DUTs.

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